What Is Immunity

Probably you might have marked that some of your friend easily get sick with the changing of weather, while you remain healthy.  This happens because they have lesser immunity, in comparison to yours.  Immunity is a first line of defense that is built by the body against the harmful biological invasions or infections.  In the environment one, find many minute invisible forms of life, which keeps floating around.  We call it germs. The germs omnisciently present in the air, water, and the food that we consume.  Few of them are really to boon for us, while other causes serious infections and disease.  Through immunity, our body fights against the attack of these harmful germs.  For example, the digestive juices, and blood, this is an expert in taking care of many harmful antigens. However, couple of germs are serious, and make our weak to fight against them.  Therefore, they start causing the infection in the body.

Immunity is an active soldier of the body.

Immunity is a natural soldier in our body.  Whenever, these germs, or antigens invade, the anti-germs soldier or antibodies in the body spring up into action.  These antibodies are also known as white blood corpuscles.  At the first place, they can straight away pass from the thin wall of the blood vessels and can roam around the whole body.  They simply gather up at place where there is an invasion of antigens, and actively fight against it.  You might be wondering about that if the antigens are terrorists.  Well, you can simply call them hidden terrorist.  Unlike physical one, they do not attack physically rather sitting at corner inside the body, they produce harmful toxins.  To fight against these toxins, our body has natural or inbuilt defense mechanism. With the speed of light they produce, antitoxin and save us from the critical ailments. 

Kinds of immunity

While fighting against the antigens, if the body produces the enough quantity of antitoxins then the germs easily is neutralized, but if it is unable to do so, then there is a threat to our health.  Now suppose, if you are feeling from a slight headache, but after it gets all right.  What could be the reason behind it?  Whenever, any of the microbes, try to invade it first encounter the epithelial layers, physical barriers, that our skin and mucous membranes.  The subsequent signal that our body give, while against them are chemical signals (cytokines), antimicrobial substances, fever, phagocyte activity related with the inflammatory response, this is known as non-specific or innate immunity that works premiere at any case.

However, the acquired immunity is something like when you achieve it through vaccination and medication.  Even if any harmful germs enters in body, they do not cause any harmful or serious ailments.  Through acquired immunity or passive immunization, that toxin is already, present in our body, and acts as an anti- toxin when it has a role to play.  The acquired immunity are categorized in different sub categories: naturally acquired immunity, artificially acquired immunity, passive immunity, active immunity. Naturally acquired immunity, can be developed after getting through certain disease, for instance, if a patient suffers from small pox, they do not suffer again, due to naturally acquired immunity.  Artificially acquired immunity can be developed through vaccinations.  To add, passive immunity is a procedure of dropping in activated T cells from the host immune cell, while active immunity is acquired through the transfer of host antigen cell. This is very effective since it last for months.