What is Immunology

You may have heard of people, whose health problems have escalated or become severe. Now, how did this happen? This has happened because the person’s immune systems have already been affected. If the immune systems are weak, the person will become more susceptible to more diseases. On the other hand, the same immune systems will help to protect the individual from more diseases if they are strong. So, our immune systems will react strangely in different circumstances and situations. It is difficult to understand the whole system of how our immune systems work. So, we should dive deep into the details and specifics.

For this kind of understanding, there is a big branch of medical science known as immunology. As the name suggests, it is a complex and detailed study of the immunity and its resilience in diseases and normal conditions. The first ever type of immunology is the classical immunology. This field of study dealt mainly with how immune systems were enhanced by antibodies. These antibodies help to fight and ward off the diseases and pathogens entering your body. The classical immunologists had found out that the combined action of antibodies and immunity can help to secure one’s health and well-being even against the threats of infection.

There are other types of immunology, which deal with more important problems and facts. The clinical immunology is a concise study of the problems and failings of a person’s immune systems. The scientists will study how there could be diseases and disorders in the immunity of an individual. It will also be studied how the immune system problems will lead to other problems. Developmental immunology will also deal with how the immune systems become stronger as a person ages. This field of study helps to study and discover how the immune system becomes strong or weak with age.

There are other types of immunology. These are driven more towards understanding the immune systems from different associated perspectives. One of them is the perspective of evolution of species. The evolutionary immunology is a field in which you can study how the different immune systems evolve in different species. So, the people could learn how the immune systems will develop. The science of reproductive immunology helps us to understand fully if the immunity of an individual will pass during reproduction process. These fields are quite concise and comprehensive as they cover an important part of immunology.

It is not easy to be well-versed with immunology as a subject. The aspirants in this course would have to study a number of fields of study like biology, physiology and also other arenas of biomedical science. But once one knows it well, he or she can use the extensive knowledge to know all about the immunity. This can help people to solve the problems with the immune systems of people. 

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