What is Impetigo

Infectious skin is disgusting and bacteria are usually behind this phenomenon. They have strong substance which can be easily spread over others and really contagious. Impetigo is one of skin infection which is triggered by two types of bacteria: strep and staph. When viewed in a range of age, children set in frontline with big number of sufferers in the same age. It seems the kids between 2 and 6 years old are prone with Impetigo. Be careful. In growing stages, toddlers love moving their fingers and hands. They put hands on mouth and sometimes scratch their own face. If left untreated, it becomes Impetigo.

How does Impetigo appear?

From the scratch, it turns into blister which finally secretes yellowish bumps. In most cases, this disease will spread to others and really contagious. Thus be careful of using shared items. Be sure you bring individual things such as clothes, washcloths and telephones. Being alert on using shared products help prevent the spread of Impetigo. 

Types of Impetigo

Before learning about ways to treat Impetigo, it had better to learn more about its types for easily using right treatments as recovery. Indeed there are two types of Impetigo which are clearly unveiled below:

  1.  Non-bullous Impetigo
    In this type, both staph and strep become two factors causing this skin disease. Often called as non bullous strain, it appears in yellowish and brownish blisters.
  1. Bulluos Impetigo
    This skin disease is caused by staph and usually appears in breakage. It can be easily spotted with blemishes and dark spots around skin face.

The two types of Impetigo emerge at end because of two bacteria (streptococcus and Staphylococcus). Basically they are not harmful unless they find a way to penetrate skin and start invading the skin with infections. Those bacteria can penetrate when the surface of skin is torn out by the bite of insects. Be careful of insects, it can lead the two bacteria into more dangerous.

Effective Ways to Treat Impetigo

Even though this skin disease doesn’t bring into death, it is necessary to seek for reliable treatments to relieve this pain. the infection is actually can be treated at home when it goes minor. Just clean the wound and make sure it is bacteria-free. It will speed up the recovery and takes around three days for quick recovery. 

What if the infection is severe? Soaking the infected skin into warm water which is previously mixed with salt can bring more healing effect into the infected skin. Of course it must be sterilized ahead of soaking treatment with alcohols. Don’t forget to check the fingernail of kids. if the nails are long, they must be trimmed off. Always teach kids not to scratch their skins because it leads infection. This education will help them understand the danger of scratching their own skin.

However if you want to ask dermatologist’s help to cure Impetigo, it is okay! Usually they will make prescription of antibiotics and bactroban is usually written into the prescription for effective medication.