What Is Impressionism

The revolutionary movement that has swept the French art world with its awesome optical realism is known as the impressionism. The impressionism provides a fantastic experience that enhances the visual treat to the human eye, and this is done by applying special effects on the movements of the light and objects appearances. This marvelous movement came in to existence from the fascinating country France during the late 19th century initially in the painting and later spread globally to music fields too. This was the period of time when the world was enjoying the new era introductions of photography along with the Japanese art of printing was flooding the European market. It was  during such a decade of inspirations that impressionism was given birth by a group of sculptors, painters and engravers such as Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas along with various other artists who joined together and exhibited their impressionist art works and triggered the movement to make it popular.

Features of impressionism

The special features of impressionism that differentiate it from the traditional arts are analyzed and discussed below. The basic captivating feature of impressionism are-

  • it focuses on coloring over lines
  • it portrays and concentrates light effects on the subject
  • And also it depicts the impression that you have already created over an actual subject.

Difference between impressionism and photography

These are the major factors that differentiated and emphasized the marvelous talents of the impressionists from ordinary photographers. The beautiful moments that you capture in your camera as a picture image was able to bring out only the beauty of the impressive lines but the impressionist artists, were able to capture with colors the complete image impression of that treasured moment. They chose bright colors in a perfect way to bring out the liveliness, elegance and glory of that cherished moment.  Thus it does not only emphasis on the pure lines but every details of the enchanting moment with their thin small brush strokes.

Ultimate Example of the impressionist art

The fantastic art paintings of the fantastic impressionist artist Claude Monet is the best example one could quote. He was the one who provided the exotic name for the movement and led to the introduction of this revolutionary art with his piece of art the “impression Sunrise” which stays the great example for an impressionist artist until this day. The artist has bring to life the beautiful things that he viewed by focusing on colors over lines with shot visible brush strokes. The second most beautiful contribution that this impressionist artist has made is the House of Parliament in London where he has painted on the color over lines of the subject numerous times with delicate brush strokes while focusing on the light and color over the exact lines which defines the distinguishing characters of the impressionist artists.