What is Incontinence

There are many problems related to human’s bladder and urine which causes several deadly diseases later. Incontinence is the condition when the affected person loses his ability to have control over evacuative functions of the body which results in urination. Generally, a small leakage is the starting stage of this problem which gradually increases resulting in widespread condition when the person loses total control over bladder or bowel.

People having incontinence do not share problems which they face at the initial stage and this is the main reason why they face more problems when the affected area increases. In the initial stage, the affected person tries to cure himself on his own but as this is not a small problem the person makes his problem worse inviting more troubles later. It is recorded that approx 3.8 million people living in Australia suffer from incontinence due to different reasons. Most of the people who are included in this 3.8 million of sufferers self invite this problem by hesitating in disclosing it with everyone.

Continence is generally caused when our body is not able to release the waste properly. Our body releases waste in two ways i.e. in the form of urine and in the form of stool. Our kidneys are responsible to process blood and remove waste so the waste are mixed with water and is released in the form of urine. But when our kidney is not able to perform its tasks properly due to damage, waste is not released totally leading to incontinence. Hence, kidney problems or diseases may result in incontinence so one should consult a doctor as soon as he notices it. Doctors check the condition of the organ affected and prescribe several medicines or any other way of treatment by which your body can manage to recover soon.

Maximum times, people think that incontinence is a disease. But actually, incontinence is not a disease but a symptom for some diseases that may exist in the body presently. The reason why it is not taken as a disease is that it is only a symptom which reflects the existence of any disease in human body. Incontinence can be the symptom of many diseases such as damage to nervous system, weakening of bladder muscles and abnormality in prostate glands. As all these diseases can cause serious troubles one should take quick and proper actions as soon as he notices the symptom i.e. incontinence. He should not wait for much long because it can make the case worse causing more sufferings to the patient.

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