What Is Inflammation

Inflammation is a first line of defense.  One can experience it with a red painful swelling on the body part.  An inflammation is a normal response against the invasion of antigen in the body.  However, when the body starts fighting against it, it appears in the form of inflammation.  It can occur due to several reasons and can be distinguished as chronic or acute.  Albeit, if the problem is minute, it is regulated automatically, but in the case of chronic inflammation, it can host some of the very serious diseases.  Therefore, if the symptom persists longer, makes sure to get it diagnosed properly.

Inflammation is the body’s own mechanism that helps in protecting against the foreign agents such as pathogens, toxins, or irritants.  It is an initial response to injury or disease that likely to create discomfort in the body.  With an acute inflammation, plasma and leukocytes move to the affected area, causing a regular increase in W.B.C.  Moreover, due to chemical reaction, our body displays five critical symptoms such as, pain, redness, immobility, swelling, and heat.  Therefore, whenever you feel feverish or redness, then be alert, it could be an indication to some evil.  Although it is amazing to know that this redness appear due to excessive blood flow to affected area and furthermore, when the body releases chemicals and antibodies, there is a subsequent pain.

Surprisingly, the inflammation has many prominent reasons, such as physical injury, toxins, chemicals, irritants, burns, cuts, scrapes, scratches, broken bones and many more.  This injuries and infection can lead to inflammation.  However, if the body is exposed to chemical irritants, toxins and radiation, it may create instant inflammation and might persist for a longer period, if it is not treated well.  Furthermore if the infections is acute, or it has been caused due to hypersensitivity, viruses or bacteria, intense medical care is required, since it can affect internal organs.

In case of chronic inflammation, it continues for few days, weeks, or years.  It can also result in many subsequent diseases for instance, hay fever, atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer.  To add, in the chronic inflammation, there is rapid decrease in collagen production and tissue formation.

If you are wondering about the remedial part, the resolution might take some time.  With the proper medication the tissues can restored to its normal proposition.  After the regeneration of tissues and complete healing, the cellular blood flow returns to its normal pace, with adequate number of white blood corpuscles.  Finally, pain, redness, and swelling must stop, giving you the proper recovery.  However, in case of acute inflammation the recovery could cover a longer period, since, it leads to cellular destruction, fibrosis, scar tissues, and abscess formation.  Therefore, in the case chronic inflammation, you are advised to consult a physician.