What is Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is a facility which enables real time communication between the people. It is abbreviated as IM. It provides the facility through which we can chat with the other person who is sitting on the other side of the network. It needs people to be connected to the internet. It is text based communication. You can keep a list of the people whom you want to chat with. Whenever a person will be online, it will give you an indication of it. You can chat with him if you want to. While chatting with each other, you will type message on a small window which will be appearing on the screen of you both. It also gives you a facility of chat rooms where many people around the world will be available. You can chat with them either privately or in a public room too. Chat is between groups of people while instant messaging is usually between two people only. While instant messaging each other, your message will be sent to the other person instantly and you will also receive a reply instantly. For using this service, you must have a messenger installed on your system which provides this service. The messengers which provide this facility are yahoo, gtalk, msn, rediff etc. You must have at least one of these messengers in your system in order to use this service. in addition to this service, instant messaging messengers provide many other services too like chatting, video calling, sharing of images, files, videos etc. In some of the messengers you can also play games. Some of the messengers also provide cell phone instant messaging. You can send instant messages from you cell phone just by saving your phone number in the messenger. However, instant messaging has some cons too. You should stay careful while chatting with strangers. You should not give your personal information to any unknown person as he/she can use it in a wrong way. So avoid talking with strangers. You can add your friends and relatives in your list who are living abroad or far from you. For teenagers, instant messaging is like breaking their boredom. Some of them chat with people for whole day which can have a bad effect on their lives. They can become computer addictive. Instant messaging service can be very useful but only when used for a good reason and for a limited time. If it will be overused or if it will become an obsession for someone then it can affect the real life of that person badly.

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