What is Insulin Aspart

Insulin aspart is a hormone which is produced by our body it helps in lowering the level of sugar in the blood. Its effect will become visible faster than regular human insulin. If there are diabetes in human being due to lack of insulin then it can be treated through it. The insulin aspart should be taken in that amount which is prescribed by doctor. Neither too less nor too much amount should be taken for best results. Insulin aspart is injected in our body through injection. This injection can be in the form of needle, syringe or an insulin pump. The information about where to inject this medication and how to inject it is given by doctor, nurse or pharmacist. If you are not comfortable to inject it yourself then you should take the help of your doctor or nurse. The effect of this medication is very fast and after using insulin aspart you should eat meal within 5 to 10 minutes. Because this insulin is fast-acting, not eating immediately after the dose of this insulin may lead to low blood sugar. The position of the injection should be changed every time. Choose that place on your skin for injection that is at least 1 inch away from your previous dose. To reduce discomfort at the injection site, don’t inject cold insulin. It may be injected in the abdominal wall, thigh, back or upper arm. If you are using insulin pump for the administration of insulin aspart then don’t mix or dilute it with any other insulin. Insulin aspart is thin, clear and colorless. But if insulin doesn’t have these properties then it should be changed.

Insulin aspart helps in curing following problems:-

Kidney damage Blindness. Nerve problems. Loss of limbs. Heart attack or stoke

The side-effects of insulin aspart are:-

There can be pain, redness or irritation on the injection site. There can be pain in your muscles. A disease called hypoglycemia occurs in which level of blood sugar is very low. Blurred vision, dizziness, and headache. Fast heartbeat, tingling of hands or feet.

To prevent hypoglycemia eat meal properly. Blood sugar level can be raised using table sugar, honey, orange juice, non-diet soda.

If low level of insulin aspart is taken then following problems occur:-/p>

Thirst, increased urination. Confusion, drowsiness. Flushing, rapid breathing.

Fruity breath odor.

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