What is Insulin Resistance

 If one is suffering from diabetes, he or she would be generally advised about what is the type of diabetes that one is suffering from. This is important as it will help the patient to understand everything about the problems and what are causes. Now, if you have Type 2 diabetes, you may know that there is something called insulin resistance going on. But you should also know what is this phenomenon exactly all about. Put simply, insulin resistance is something that renders the cells of the body unable to convert sugar into useful glycogen. When the cells actually do this task, the sugar is not stored in blood; instead, it is converted into useful glycogen. So, when the insulin is not able to carry out this task, it is known as insulin resistance.

However, diabetics may be wondering if the insulin resistance will increase the sugar levels in the blood. No, this is not the case. In fact, it is quite the contrary. The cells converting the sugar with insulin demand a greater flow of insulin to carry out the required conversion to the glycogen. The cells send signals to the responsible Islets of Langerhans. They, in turn, produce an excess of insulin in the body. Generally, in such a condition, the blood sugar would automatically come down in the future. However, while this might be a good respite for the desperate diabetics, the truth is that over-secretion of the insulin will result in more serious problems which will be even fatal for people. So, insulin resistance is not a really good thing for diabetics.

It has already been said that Type 2 diabetics will be most vulnerable to the trouble of insulin resistance. This is because this particular type of diabetes often is characterized by the deficits of insulin production. However, as many doctors continue to maintain, Type 2 diabetes itself can occur to a number of people. People with an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle have been found to be most susceptible to the insulin resistance problem. The problem has been diagnosed when people suffering from such a case of diabetes age. But the basic objective would be to avert the onset of the disease right at youth. However, given the trend of sedentary work and lifestyle, Type 2 diabetes has become a major problem with the youth of today.

There is no exact or precise cure for the problem of insulin resistance. This is because the problem of less secretion of insulin cannot be methodically solved or sorted out. It would involve injecting more insulin in the body. However, there are some tried and tested ways to avert the very outbreak of the problem of Type 2 diabetes. This can be done by some regular activity and exercise or even sports. Such things will help to keep you fit and healthy. With a regular or daily routine of exercises and sports, there will be a better and natural flow of insulin to counter the levels of sugar in the blood. This means that there is a lesser risk or threat of the insulin resistance as well in the latter ages.

Insulin resistance is the inability of the cells to use insulin in converting the sugar in blood into the useful glycogen. This leads the pancreas to produce excessive insulin. This can bring about some fatal problems in the person. Therefore, it is important that people manage to prevent the problem of Type 2 diabetes well before the problem sets in and insulin resistance occurs in the long term future.