What Is Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is a new concept in the field of marketers. It is an evolution in the marketing management studies which to some extent is not very easy to understand. There are various people who have different views about integrated marketing. For years the various marketing concepts and methods have been used individually to enhance the firms customer grip. These methods do help on communicating with the customers.

But the concept of integrated marketing talks about bringing these different marketing concept together and using them as a single approach rather than letting them work in isolation. This could mean using the aspects of marketing such as public relations, promotions, advertising and direct marketing to be used together to fulfill the customers’ needs.

The main aim of integrated marketing is to reach out to the customers and provide to them what they need. It is a concept that is customer centric. It is the way to communicate to the customers what the firm is bringing to them. The main aim of any firm is customer satisfaction which can be achieved through integrated marketing. Another important thing is getting new customers which can also be done easily if the communication to the customers is right.

When the customers are reached to properly the aim of integrated marketing is fulfilled. In other words it is a way of customer relationship management that will enhance the brand value of the firm. This can be done with a proper interaction between the various functional areas especially all the areas of marketing. The marketing mix concepts should be utilized well in order to have a proper interaction between them.

The people involved with integrated marketing should be well aware of the customers and the needs of the customers. A regular interaction with the customers should be kept. Integrated marketing is not something that can be done easily. There has to be a proper that team that needs to be formed to carry it out well. A proper plan is to be made with good strategies being used. Situation analysis needs to be done before the plan is carried out.

The cost of integrated marketing will not be too low keeping the requirements in mind. But the advantages that it will get to the firm will surely be worth the cost. The most important advantage that a firm will get besides the good customer line up is a competitive advantage over its competitors. It will be able to use up all its resources allocated in the field of marketing to the fullest without having any kind of wastage. The benefits will be visible in the long run.