What is Internet Bandwidth

Bandwidth is basically the amount of data actually transferred over a fixed period of time between a computer and the internet. It is often measured in KB (Kilo Byte) or GB (Gega Byte). An Internet Service provider always sells the plans based upon the speeds, and hence limits bandwidth to certain extent according to the plans. The more the bandwidth the service provider will be providing, more the rate or price of the plan will be and faster the connection will be.

It had been found out that input is one of the main features of the internet bandwidth in that such a way that all the information about the networks is being contained there and as a result each and everything can be carried out easily. Available bandwidth becomes very important when the servers are running for web delivery platforms. If data does not flow fast enough or freely enough, the performance of internet will suffer and the end user may see error messages.

The data transfer is mostly calculated on a monthly basis by the Internet Service Providers. If the user is having a DSL connection to access the internet, then the user has dedicated bandwidth between his or her computer and the internet provider. But the internet provider may have thousands of DSL connections to their location. All of these connections integrate at the internet service provider who then has their own dedicated connection to the internet which is much larger than the user’s single connection.

The Internet Service Providers must have enough bandwidth to serve the user’s computing needs as well as all of their other customers. So while if a user is having a 2MB connection from the internet provider; the internet provider may be having hundreds of MBs of bandwidth to accommodate all the subscribers.

If the user wants to watch his or her bandwidth then he or she should consider installing a bandwidth monitor. A Bandwidth Monitor helps in showing the bandwidth usage of the user at a particular time interval and keeps on changing the speed as per the user’s usage. Many of these programs are also available free of cost over the internet and keep on running and displays real time connection speeds in parallel. Limits can also be imposed on the Internet Bandwidth.

Now many unlimited usage plans are provided by different internet providers and charge the users on the basis of internet bandwidth provided to them.

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