What Is Involved in Free Running Training

Running through big city streets which are normally busy is not easy especially for those who do it as a form of exercise requiring a steady speed. Urban areas present a variety of problems to people who undertake running like obstacles, narrow stretches, etc. Therefore, running in city involves besides running jumping, walking, balancing, etc. It may be compared to park our but there is essential basic difference is the focus in free running training is more on improvement on aesthetic movements. The focus is on other activities also.

 Improvements of strength, stamina, speed, balance are some of the aspects involved in free running training. During these activities it has to be ensured that you do not suffer any injury to your legs, feet, or any other parts of the body. General fitness is a prime requirement for free running training because strength training and cardiovascular exercises are part of the training program. The muscles of the legs and feet are very important for undergoing this training. Therefore, it will be directed towards strengthening of the muscles.

Muscles need to healthy, loose and flexible and for this purpose proper stretching exercises are given. This ensures better mobility and less chances of injury. Free running training cannot be undertaken without these basic requirements. Mobility exercises play a great part ensuring the body’s preparedness for repeated and strenuous movements. Mobility and flexibility are the basic requirements of the movements of a person doing free running and the mobility exercise is a great help in this regard.

 Plyometric or explosiveness exercises form vital part in free running training. This form of exercise is meant for helping you a free runner for developing enough strength for the performance of strong thrusting movements. This becomes necessary frequently during free running. There are different methods plyometric exercises such as medicine ball workout, band exercise etc. It is essential that these exercises are done correctly as otherwise you might get injured. It is most advisable that these exercises are undertaken with proper guidance and supervision of trainer.

 Free running training requires some acrobatic movements in certain situations and the best people to teach you are other runners. Balance is of great importance while doing the running. To develop the necessary skills in that respect a very useful method is to go for slackline training. This is really a tight rope walking exercise and extremely difficult to perform. For prevention of injury the rope is stretched at very low height from the ground. Some people use cushions under the rope as a measure of safety in the event of a fall.