What is IUI

Artificial insemination is turning as the knowing method today as many people are utilizing this system. However, there is another name of Artificial insemination and that is intrauterine insemination also known as IUI. Female who can’t give birth to baby through the natural way are using IUI to become mother. Fundamentally, intrauterine insemination is the artificial process of conceiving infant. This process includes deposit of sperm in the uterus of a woman. Lots of couples discover this method to be less enveloping other than affordable option vitro fertilization.

The process is done by infertility specialist who is responsible to place the sperm in women’s uterus. This specialist is medically identified as a reproductive endocrinologist (RE). The process applied by the specialist is known as sperm washing. It becomes very essential to wash uterus in whole procedure of intrauterine insemination as the situation or eminence of the sperm which will be stored in the uterus of women can really affect the possibilities of the system being successful. Though, there are masses of other factors and elements, which need consideration. Implementing the procedure in an exact manner could produce the finest results and create the IUI procedure successful.

Couples who are going for the intrauterine insemination method are having problems associated with fertility or infertility. If the female is having sperm allergy, then IUI is the finest deal for her as this is the easiest way to conceive infant with no intercourse. In several situations, the husband is containing a low sperm count which is not sufficient to develop baby inside the women uterus. Intrauterine insemination is the best process for these people as women will conceive baby without worries.

Those who feel they have fewer chances for having own baby can consult the infertility specialist. Few test series are to be conducted prior to intrauterine insemination recommendation. In maximum cases doctor asks for trying a fertility medicine to aid the women for becoming pregnant prior to go for IUI method. Patient will be advised to get the fertility medicine when she is close to the monthly menstrual cycle. Such thing is performed to accelerate the ovaries so it will enlarge or increase some grown-up eggs of women who are prepared for fertilization.

Patient will be suggested to have recognition kit of ovulation. The reproductive endocrinologist will attempt to conclude the time that a patient will ovulate so that the timely insemination will be performed in a correct manner. This entire procedure is complicated so consulting the doctor with plus and minus of intrauterine insemination system is best.

Insemination is the simple course which takes extremely small period of time, but if the patient is having stimulated cycle, then doctor will advise for fertility medicine to the patient. The success rate of intrauterine insemination is based on the couple’s infertility and their age as well.