What is IVR

IVR is an acronym for Interactive Voice Response. An IVR is used to ask question from you and if you ask any question, it will also answer you. It is a kind of virtual receptionist or a secretary which now a days is found in each and every field. It is available 24*7. It never sleeps. It is mostly used in BPOs and KPOs. IVR provides pre-recorded voice responses of human beings. Whenever you will make a call to them, you would be attended by an IVR which would direct you to various options. It is cost effective and it also saves time and energy. It is an automated system which saves valuable resources and manpower too.

Whenever you make a call to know the balance in your phone, you are attended by a virtual receptionist who asks you to press some number according to the option you are interested in. That is what IVR is. The main aim of using IVR by various businesses today is to save the human resources and also lessen the human interaction for providing simple information to the users. IVR is very beneficial and useful when non emergency and limited information is required. If you want to automate your business, then IVR system is the answer. It is more reachable by the users than to reach a real human voice for seeking information.

Most of us use an IVR application almost every day. Whether it is to get the information about the bank account, balance in the phone, flight information and for many other purposes too. Its information is based on the option you select by pressing a key on the phone as directed by IVR. So it cannot be wrong until and unless you choose a wrong option. They have text-to-speech functionality (TTS), therefore it can also deliver information like weather, news and traffic. As the technology is growing, the use of IVR is also increasing. Now as 3G has launched, it has enhanced the user’s experience with the wide use of IVR. Though IVR is very useful and is being widely used but it has a limitation of its own and that is it provides limited information. If you want to know some complex information or you have a query which is complex, it cannot be answered by IVR. Only an intelligent human being can tell you the right information. IVR provides limited access of the database to the user.

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