What is Jazz

The African American community of south USA bought their blues and during early 20th century the mixture of blues and American popular music gave birth to a genre known as Jazz. It has the African blue note, swung note, and real time improvisation. Jazz music has its set of instruments known as typical jazz instruments which includes Saxophone, Clarinet, Vibraphone, Trumpet, Flute, Piano, Trombone, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Tuba, Banjo, Double Bass and Drum Kits. Usually a groups of musicians are required to perform jazz music and this group in known as orchestra or Jazz orchestra. 

Evolution of Jazz  

In 1910, a group of African-American  blues band improvised and gave birth to a genre. The genre was called Jazz and it is a slang used to called Chicago based bands. At that time jazz was named ragtime and it was popularized by a African-American pianist named Scott Joplin. Joplin was renowned as king of ragtime and he used to fuse other instruments such as banjo and drum kits to add beats to his music.

The global musical scene exploded with the popularity of jazz in the early 1920’s. Jazz quickly become  the music if the teens and every pub and bar included a jazz band. At that time musicians from New Orleans went to California to perform their music. Notably playing their music at San Francisco and Los Angeles, the groups were called hot jazz groups. Kid Ory, King Oliver and Bill Johnson and Bessie Smith were the stars of that era.

The Jazz Era

1930’s  was termed as the Jazz Era as it saw the emergence of future stars such as Louis Armstrong and Fletcher Henderson. They continued there success and formed the Hot Five band. Jazz was growing at an unbelievable and soon become the music for the higher strata of the society. This growth resulted in the emergence of sub genre known as swing jazz. The popular music appealed the youth and soon jazz was all over USA. Renowned swing musicians such as Cab Calloway, Tom Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Earl Hines and Glen Miller were responsible for the creation of the big jazz bands.    Swing was dance music as well and was broad casted by radio all across USA.

Later on, the Jazz fever entered Europe and this infectious music engulfed the British.

Evergreen Jazz

Jazz is one music that has lived through centuries and still at present it continues to control our body and soul. Through years Jazz has transformed itself with time and thus have numerous sub genres. This is down to the fact that it creates a magical moment and improvises itself with time.

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