What is Jet Lag

The other name for the jetlag is desynchronizes. This type of conditions occurs to the body due to the alterations of circadian rhythms of the body.  Your sleep will get lagged due to these alterations.  Thus they are called as circadian rhythm sleep disorders.  This may occur due to Transmeridian travel on jet planes.  This type of condition may last long for several days.  Simply to say it is a chrono biological related problem just like changes of shift work.  The body clock will not accommodate itself to the world clock.  People who travel from country to country through jet planes will come across this type of jet lag disorders.

Just like other disorders, this Jetlag will have its own symptoms with slight variations. Depending up on the alteration of time zones, mostly headaches, grogginess, irritability, disorientation, irregular sleep patterns, depression, diarrhea or constipation, insomnia etc., this disorder can be measured.  With the help of analogue scales, jetlag will be measured.  Some questionnaires are developed to know the quantity of jet lag. According to the answers specified on the questionnaire, jet lag can be measured.  The speed of recovery depends on the quantity of jetlag.  Recovery depends on the speed on which the body could adjust to the new environment and schedules.  Some may takes lot of time, and some may take less time. If the body could not respond to the new schedules, such a situation is called jet lagging.

The distance travelled, the flight on which you travelled, the length of the time you travelled could not be considered as the reasons behind this jet lagging.  Some time even ten hours journey will not suppose jet lagging and you can travel and accustom easily with the new environment.  Mostly the travel from east to west may create jet lagging and the chances are more than north to south.  It is not good and worth that crossing the International Date Line is the sole reason behind this jet lagging.  If the time difference of more than 12 hours can be seen, then some symptoms can be seen as signs of jet lag.

There are chances that you can manage the schedules and can minimize the effects of jet lag by following some steps.  During the journey, before the flight and after the flight you have to take care of some precautions.  Before planning to journey, you should take the recommendations from the physician if you find chances to get the jet lag again.  He will monitor all your body conditions and will medicate you accordingly.

Another important remedy for this Jetlag is that you can take easy to consume tablets.  These show their effectiveness on the passengers who made round the world trip.  Even some homeopathic preparations can give you lot of relief and they don’t have any side effects. Even at No-Jet-Lag is available at luggage stores, pharmacies of airports.