What is Jin Shin Do

“ Jin Shin Do” means “ The way of compassionate spirit”. It is a form of therapeutic massage and it is based on primordial Japanese methods. In this massage specific acu-points are pressed in such a way that it can assist in removing chronic tension and get better vitality. When acu-points are blocked or congested we experience pain or discomfort on physical level. On emotional level we may be frustrated due to pain. Jin shin do was originated by psychotherapist Iona Marsaa teeguarden in 1970. The techniques used in it are verbal assistance, light exercise and fully-clothed massage.

In Jin shin do pressure is applied to definite points of the body to relieve pain. It also helps in getting relief from anxiety, depression, guilt and anger.

Jin shin do is a combination of ancient Asia and western concepts like philosophy, empathy and refraining. It is an effective technique to get relief from stress and pain.

The session of Jin shin do include following steps:-

Firstly, verbal guidance is done by listening to patient’s physical, emotional and energetic state. An effort is done to find out that what is happening in person’s life. Then patient is laid on a massage bed and assessment of his pulse and areas of sensitivity is done. Then acu-points are pressed in a gentle manner to remove pain and tension.

The effects of Jin shin do will vary from person to person but a calm and joyful experience is the most common response by patients.

There is a wide difference between acupressure and acupuncture in acupuncture to apply pressure to acu-points, fingers are not used, in this needle contact nay be required. But Jin shin do is not an acupuncture technique because in it slow and gentle manner is use to create a sympathetic and supportive feeling in the patient.