What is Job Competency

Job competency connects to explanation of numerous ability and skills with their performance levels that are linked to explicit job or designation inside any organization. For example: We find tailors in every crick and corner of places, but still we tend to give to our kind of tailor. But why is that? It is because of his competence and inherited skill. These job competencies can be evaluated based on their levels of performance. Job competency at times is also referred as role competency. This can be evaluated throughout one’s employee cycle. Evaluations will be done based on the level of proficiency, education, work tenure or the previous job history. Job competencies can be divided into various clusters within organization such as managerial and support functions However, if analysis of the evaluation report leaves us with difference in the skill set than the desired level for that particular role, obviously organizations can arrive at a decision of either rejecting or training employee to attain maximum desired skill to perform or execute that job.  Job competencies are often drawn to evaluate employee performance, but later stages it can be used to recruitment, promotions, planning successors etc.

Evaluation of job competence is an online process including existing employees in the company. It is important to evaluate the role competency of the existing employees as situation of the position will be often changing with increased demands. A defined frequency of employee evaluations should be practised that includes relevant competency versus level of proficiency with evidence. From this evaluation report we can as well draw employee training or the development plan. This helps both employee and employer, employee to grow within the organization to the next desired level and for the employer to possess healthy environment. Job competence evaluations will recognise the best performers and poor performers. From employees’ point of view, if they draw deadlines for each and every improvement recognised during investigating their performance through evaluation tools, progress will be definitely theirs. Never get disheartened rather work toward it.

Most of the hygiene issues of the organizations such as punctuality, attendance, abilities to perform well in team can be streamlined by designing job competencies. An organization that has role clarity will build great team work hence results in growth. Whenever a new position is created organizations end up investing money for training. Though organizations enforce the existing employees to complete their refresher course, and that is not end of it.  Employees themselves should be self-vibrant to attain that particular job competence to attain core performance. Involve team or relevant people while designing job competencies as this needs a holistic overview about the functions of the organisations.

William Glasser says “No human being will work hard at anything unless they believe that they are working for competence”.