What is Jock Itch

The scientific name given to this itch is tinea cruris. It usually attacks the groin area. The groin is usually warm and moist, creating the perfect conditions in which the fungus can grow and thrive. Any other environment with similar conditions can make fungus grow more. Humidity, heat and friction greatly accelerate the spread of this rash. This is a condition found mostly in men than with women. The reason for this is that male genitals are usually exposed to more humidity and friction as compared to their female counterparts.

The above named fungus can infect the body and the toes. If viewed under the microscope, this fungus is has rod-shaped filaments, has a lot of branching and is translucent. In most conditions, the fungi inhabit the dead skin cells that are found on the epidermis.

Appearance of the jock itch starts as a rash in the groin fold. Most of the time, if the rash thrives, it moves towards the inner thighs. The areas where the advancements happen appear reddish compared to areas that have been infected longer. It is very easy to locate a new area where the rash has advances as it appears to be scaly and red in colour. It is important to note that the rash doesn’t infect the penis or the scrotum.

Some of the signs and symptoms of this rash are elevated edges with red, circular rashes, an itchy feeling, accompanied with a burning effect around the groin area, redness of skin around the thigh, anal and groin area, cracking, peeling and/or flaking or skin. It is always best to get medical advice to get proper diagnosis on the same.

Once the diagnosis has been confirmed to be that of jock itch, you may want to apply an antifungal cream. This cream should be applied twice daily in the areas affected by the rash. This is because fungi mostly affect the top layer of skin. The cream should be applied directly on the rash and also a few centimetres around the rash to prevent spreading. Also, keep the groin area cool and dry at most times. If you work in hot and humid areas, it is advisable to change your underwear a few times a day. Cotton underwear would be good as it would help absorb some of the moisture.

In conclusion, remember that this rash is very contagious. This means that you should not share clothing or even towels with others as it may spread to them. It is also important that underwear is dried in a hot drier. This will help kill yeast cell that may have not been removed by washing.