What is Jury Nullification

Jury Nullification is the situation where, judgment passed by a jury conflicts against the lawful verdict made by a judge.  More often or not it is to present and justify public’s opinion regarding unexpected judgment. Juries were originated to make sure one individual working as a judge, who very possibly can be influenced does not determine the fate of someone.

Jury includes group of carefully selected individuals, having been accomplished something special in the field they are working. But now the case is not same and it is used either for Jury Nullification or for collecting facts. They evaluate authenticity of evidence presented against a victim. Generally considered as de factor rights of a jury, Jury Nullification is one of the most underutilized powers given to a jury. It has often been seen that a judge do not introduce the jury regarding this special power. It is to motivate jurors about investigation and is one of the better alterations made in current law and order system.  Though long and constant debates have been made over usefulness of Jury Nullification, but no doubt it is an excellent step taken forward to pull-up the socks of our law enforcement system.

Jury Nullification: Life saving or Threaten to Law

After hundreds of years of these rights given to a jury the question, whether it fulfills the purpose that it was created to accomplish or not often arise. Several law experts state, it offers safety against inappropriate decisions made through judgments. Whereas, some others believe it’s a complete violation of laws and order and disrespectful as far as law and judge is concerned. The punishments given to innocents or to those who are guilty according to law but the punishment given does not match, requirement of Jury Nullification arises. Jury will state that there is nothing wrong form the judge’s side, but in this particular case the law does not fit correctly. On seeing the situation victim may either be released or the punishment will be reduce to a certain extent.

Is Jury Nullification Legal?

Well. If that is your question, then yes, it’s completely legal. With the long history of Jury Nullification we come to know that prime reason of offering this unique power to jury had the sole purpose of making sure, there remains no crack in the functioning of made laws and implementation. More often or not decisions made by juries go against the law, but on that particular occasion this decision will appear more appealing and correct instead of that made according to law. During slave escape, it was often seen that those who help in such situation had no other option but to break laws. Since the intention and outcome both were for the good purpose, juries found it wrong on judgment part to consider those victims.

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