What is Kefir

The Turkish word Kefir which means the “GOOD FEELING”.Kefir is a fermented milk drink, which is popular in middle-east and eastern Europe and Russia. Traditionally it was made from Camel’s Milk or from plants or nuts milk such as almond milk.It can be made from milk of cow ,goat ,sheep , coconut ,rice or soy. It is made by protecting against disease by introducing a vaccine to induce immunity to milk with kefir grains and mixture of bacteria and yeasts which will sour the milk slightly. When kefir grains are put into milk for the fermentation the chemical structure of milk changes , which creates a soured milk and sightly alcoholic in some condition. Kefir grains are combination of bacteria and yeast .These grains contain a water soluble polysaccharide known as kefiran that has white or yellow color and is of the size of walnut but may be small as size of rice. Water kefir is grown in water with sugar and may be added with dry fruits such as fig and lemon juice.Kefir is too sour so it is prefer to add sweeteners , frozen fruits can be mixed with kefir in a blender to make smoothie.Kefir is different from the yoghurt since yoghurt keeps the digestive system clean but kefir can actually the intenstinal tract .Kefir’s active yeast and bacteria provides more nutritive value than yoghurt by helping digest foods that keep the enviornment clean and healthy. The easisest way to have fresh kefir is to make it yourself at home.


It contains beneficial bacteria and yeast as well as essential amino acids. Kefir also offers abundance of Tryptophan which is an essential amino acid , magnesium and calcium which are essential nutrients for the healthy nervous system. It also includes the abundance of phosphorus which utilizes the carbohydrates, fats and proteins for cell growth and maintain energy. Kefir also includes the Vitamin B1,b12 and vitamin K. Vitamin B intake relieves the skin disorders ,boost energy and promote longevity.


It is easily digested .

It cleanse the intenstines and provide healthy immune system

It provides the benefits of bacteria ,yeast, vitamins ,proteins and minerals

It can also be used for the patients suffering from AIDS, herpes, cancer, tuberculosis, osterporosis, poor digestion, hypertension.

It benefits to those suffering from the problems of nervous system such as sleep disorders, depression.

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