What Is Ketamine

Ketamine is also known as recreational drug. It is used as short term anesthesia. It is an anesthetic   drug which works over people in varied forms. It might be available in the form of powder, pills or liquid. It can be consumed orally or by injection. It shows a faster effect in case if injected than the oral introduction. It was discovered by Calvin Stevens in 1962. This drug is used for the treatment of bronchospasm, depression due to bipolar disorder and conditions of acute pain. It is an active anti depressant medicine. Mostly, it is useful because of its anesthetic and analgesic properties. The drug is also subjected for the veterinary use.

People feel the condition of numbness after its intake due to its hallucinogenic properties. It gives rise to the condition of physical misbalance for some time. The outcomes of consumption of ketamine can also be defined as temporary paralysis. People need it to be aware after using the drug as one might be out of mental order after the intake of suggested drug.  Consumption of ketamine may cause induction in the activity of other sedative substances if any is being taken by the person. It works within about half of a minute just after injecting it into a body. Bike riding, swimming and driving should be avoided after taking this medicine as a remedy as mood swinger. A person can feel varied results of the use of this type of drug. These results may range from chronic to acute stage of the drug’s functioning.

Ketamine is considered as a reliable drug as it does not suppress respiratory process during the blockage of nervous tract to show its anesthetic effects. Although the limited use of the drug cannot show its undesirable reactions but overdose of the drug can cause unconsciousness and can subsequently followed by heart failure. The chemical cannot show serious hazard to the health of a person until the person becomes addict of it. Intake of this medicine should not be committed along with any respiratory suppressor like alcohol.

Short term memory loss and condition of normal schizophrenia can be occurred as a side effect of this anesthetic agent.  Women who are undergoing the term of pregnancy or offering breast milk to the child should not commit the use of ketamine. Exceptional use of this drug can lead to the condition of severe harm in the health of a body. A person can undergo the problem of low breathing rate, condition of coma and even death, if it consumes the drug along with some other depressant. Intake of the drug with alcohol causes vomiting, drowsiness and unconsciousness. Thus, advice from a health expert can be followed before the implementation of ketomine in the body.