What is Ketosis

Ketosis is a condition when the ketones bodies in the body rise too much.  Ketones are carbon fragments that are formed during the break up of fats for energy. They are used for energy. They are generally formed when the glycogen level in the liver comes down. Though some people do not consider the ketosis to be dangerous, at times too much increase in the ketones can be dangerous.

A few people look at ketosis as a way to lose weight. This is because a person with ketosis will feel less hungry. In this condition the person eats lesser than his or her normal diet. This causes the body to use the fat to get energy rather than breaking the carbohydrates  that is generally done by the body. This is the reason most of the people go for low carbohydrate diet. It is considered an effective way of losing weight.

Ketosis is a word filled with confusion for many. Some consider it to be a normal state while the others might think of it as a dangerous and abnormal situation. It is considered bad by many people because they believe that if the fat in the body is broken up for energy it means that the body is not receiving enough glucose. But our body can convert the proteins that we eat into glucose.

Ketosis can be measured by the amount of it available in the urine. A dipstick can be used to detect the increase in the ketones in the body. If the amount of ketones in the body is high the sticks will turn purple in color. This will show the level of the ketones in the body.

There is a condition called ketoacidosis, that is often confused by people with normal ketosis. It is a condition that is developed in type 1 diabetes. Unlike ketosis this can be a dangerous situation. This situation is avoided by the production of insulin by the body. But this is not possible for people suffering with type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes people can take external insulin and save themselves from this situation.

Ketosis is a situation where the production of ketones in the body increases drastically. This happens when the  glycogen level in the lever comes down. It causes the person to eat less and loose weight. This happens due to the breaking of the fat from the body to convert it into energy. This is not considered as a dangerous situation by many but some do consider it to be not safe. This is because they believe that the body is not receiving as much glucose as it should.