What is Knee Strain

A knee strain is the tear of the muscle due to some injury or overstretching of the muscle attached to the bones of the knee. It is also called ‘Pulled Muscle’. These are common orthopedic injuries. Treatment of strains is very important otherwise it can worsen the problem. Knee strains can be Mild, Moderate and Severe. Mild strains are the strains in which the muscles are pulled slightly and can cause pain for some days but it goes on its own after some days just by taking rest. Moderate strains are those which cause tearing of the muscle and severe strains cause severe injury or the rupture of the muscle attached to the bone of the knee.

These strains may require surgery sometimes. Treatment is very essential or a mild injury can become a severe injury and situation can go out of the hands. A knee strain can cause swelling and pain in the knee. A person with knee strain can find it difficult to bend or fold the knee. An individual can try home remedies to get rid of the pain and the discomfort caused due to the knee strain but in severe cases and if the problem is persisting then medical advice is important. A person with knee strain might feel a noise of cracking while walking or when moved. This can be the sign of some severe internal problem like internal swelling or internal injury.

A knee sprain can be diagnosed by X-rays or MRI. Then the doctor can prescribe the medication and treatment according to the state of the injury. You can try some home remedies like using ice on the strained knee. It will reduce the pain, swelling and redness of the knee. Put it for 15-20 minutes and you will feel good. Taking rest is one of the easiest and most common remedy for the strained knee. Avoid walking much and it will heal the injury. You can exercise a little to heal the injury but better to take the advice of the doctor for this. A very simple exercise can be elevation which means lifting your leg up to the heart and then placing it back to the normal position. You can also massage the knee gently with some oil or ointment. Wrap the knee with bandage which will help to heal the injury faster. If the pain is too severe to tolerate then you can take pain killer to reduce the pain with the advice of the doctor. But to prevent the long term complication, seek medical advice and get proper treatment.

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