What is Kundalini

The term, ‘Kundalini’ is derived from the Sanskrit language and it literally means ‘coiled’. Kundalini is said to be the corporeal energy that is present within every human being that can be awakened using the right kind of methods. In the recent times, Kundalini energy and the techniques of Kundalini awakening are growing in importance all over the world. It is said that Kundalini resembles a sleeping serpent that is located at the base of the spine. It is represented in the form of a sleeping serpent that is coiled up. The energy associated with the Kundalini can be unleashed with Kundalini Yoga or meditation that leads to the person who reaches this stage experiencing mystical energy and a state of eternal bliss.

Hinduism talks about the various techniques of Kundalini awakening and there are instances from the history wherein the great yogis from India attained this stage with meditation. It would be worth mentioning here that the term Kundalini is closely associated with the ‘chakras’ and the ‘nadis’ that are said to be present in the body. Kundalini which is located on the Muladhara chakra makes its way up the central nadi called sushumna. The final stage of Kundalini awakening is said to be when the energy reaches the last chakra called the sahasrara chakra that is located at the top of the head. On its way to the sahasrara chakra, Kundalini energy clears the other chakras too.

The literary resources from India that belong to the medieval and the ancient period are the ones that provide the best information in this regard. It is to be noted that Kundalini awakening can be done only by a person who surrenders himself completely to a knowledgeable guru (teacher). The right kind of mental state and control over ego is a must for any disciple who wishes to awaken the Kundalini energy. This type of spiritual practice that had its origin in the eastern world has grown in importance in the present century owing to the logic that is associated with it.

Kundalini energy refers to the cosmic energy that is present within every individual and a person who succeeds in awakening his Kundalini reconnects with the cosmic energy, thereby, experiencing a non stop flow of energy within his body. It would be worth noting here that these modes of spirituality can be practiced by people irrespective of the religion they belong to. Concepts of salvation preached by ‘Advaitha’ philosophy and ‘Vajrayana Buddhism’ too have close resemblance with the concept of Kundalini and its awakening to reach a state of moksha through meditation with the assistance of a guru.

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