What is Kyphosis

Have you ever heard Kyphosis? It happens when someone is going through pain around back. Do you still remember a movie released in 1996 entitled “the Hunchback of Notre Dame?” It depicts a story of a hunchback and incredibly performed in very odd posture. If you remember the Hunchback, that’s what is called as Kyphosis. Nowadays the increasing numbers of people suffer this health problem. Their pose in daily activities contributes huge effects to body.

In the office, while sitting at front of computers, people aren’t aware that they love sitting in very bad posture which later triggers bad effect on their posture.  Sitting in hunched position will break the spine and create rounded back. It makes someone assembled to the Hunchback. The side effect of Kyphosis can be noticed through forward posture of head when the back hunches. This posture is really weakening that necks must stand on about ten pounds of weight for keep standing and pushing the sufferer to lift up head for viewing the things in front of them.

What are recommended therapies for Kyphosis recovery?

  •  Exercise
    A thing to do in relieving this bad posture is by practicing reliable exercise routinely and being consistent on keeping the head in right posture. Keep in mind, the head must be in line with the shoulders. What is the suggested exercise for the sufferers? That’s actually easy but the most difficult part during this practice is keeping consistent with it.
    Prepare a chair and sit on it. Put the forefinger in the nose and top of lip. After that, set the finger backward and upward, just keep the head following. Be sure to make the head move actively, not just being pressured by the fingers. Keep in mind, don’t push the chin at all during the exercise. It must be done in really comfortable way for relieving the shoulder and neck’s muscle.
  • Right Shirt
    In attempt on getting back right posture, putting on right shirt can be the way to go. It helps your head stay in line with the shoulders. Its neuro-band which comes in flexible texture creates nerve connection between the shoulders and back. This activity triggers neuromuscular effect that keeps your body in right posture. Basically the shirt won’t give any contribution to your health, but actually it could strengthen the muscle and create good posture controlled in the brain.

Bad Effects of Kyphosis

If you are suffering Kyphosis, it is necessary to visit a physician to ask for treatments or if you want cheaper way, applying the aforementioned tips can be the way to go. If left untreated, Kyphosis can lead some health problems, including both physical and mental aspect.

The bad effects of Kyphosis influence mental aspect such as lack of confidence, stress and less ability of concentration. It also breaks up your stunning performance, who wants to look alike, the hunchback? Of course nobody wants to be compared with this odd figure. So, keep your right posture anytime and anywhere by routine exercise and good shirt for better health.