What is Leave-In Conditioner

“Hair is the richest ornament of women”. So what if  your hair is lusciously soft and supple enticing to be touched.Yeah,that will be like adding glitter to glow. Every woman would love to have a beautiful hair, well nourished, shiny and ofcourse, free of tangles. New hairstyling products emerge every now and then only based on this increasing demand of women.

 Leave in Conditioners are also one of the hair styling products that could help you to possess a soft, smooth, shiny and all the more healthy hair and yes, they also repair hair damages like split ends. These conditioners doesn’t contain oil unlike wash out or normal conditioners. Rather it includes glycerin, moisturizers, protein and other strengthening agents that will not only enhance the conditioning of the hair but also help to retain the moisture for long. Wait! It’s not only this; leave in conditioner works very well on tangled and frizzy hair. They contain silicon in them which helps in the detangling process; so no tangle no pain. For curly hair, these conditioners offer not only to enhance volume but also to soften the curls. There are leave in conditioners available with heat protection element. So exposure to sun is no more a worry for you.

How is it different from the regular conditioner?

Leave in conditioner as already mentioned is left on hair and so can work well in deep and stay long. A regular conditioner also referred to as rinse off or wash off conditioner is applied on wet hair and is washed off by not more than 15minutes, thus many of its qualities get washed away fast. Another aspect of normal conditioner is that it might leave your hair look oily and greasy if kept for even slightly longer than the directed time.Infact for this reason, women with thin hair should prefer leave in conditioner over the normal ones. Even leave in sprays are good enough for thin hair. Leave in conditioner unlike the regular ones is quite handy and quick for it doesn’t require rinsing. So conditioning is also possible in no time now with advent of such lovely products. All thanks to the cosmetic industry.

Technique of applying a leave in

Leave in conditioner as the name suggests has to be applied on slightly dried up hair after shower. It can just be dried with a towel. Once applied, comb or massage the hair to ensure uniform application right from the roots to the hair tip. Now let it set in your hair for some time and then blow dry it for any hair styling. Thus there is no rinsing of hair required. Isn’t that really simple?

Leave in conditioners will be one of the best gifts you could give your hair. With conditioners having become a vital part in your hair washing process why not choose the best so that you after all could prove how much you care for your hair.