What Is LED Lighting

The lighting space has seen many innovations in last century. The most revolutionary innovation was the electric bulbs. Electric bulbs ruled the world for many decades. Thereafter, scientists felt that electric bulb should be improved. There are problems with the electric bulbs. The first one, those are not enough bright and the second one is, those consume high amount of electricity. Scientists tried in many ways to improve the brightness of the electric bulbs and at the same time to lower the power consumption. They got the success too. The latest innovation in the lighting space is the LED lightings. Let us discuss about this latest innovation in lighting space, in detail.

The abbreviation of LED is light emitting diode. This means, a LED bulb consists of a diode which emits light, when electricity passed through it. In fact, a LED light consists of many LEDs, instead of just one LED. Do you know what a diode is? A diode is generally made up of by joining two different types of semi conductors and in an electric circuit, a diode works like a resistance. When electricity passed through a diode, some of the electricity is loosed and transformed into other form of energy. In case of the LED, the electricity is converted into light energy and the diode glows.

Now, the question is, whether the LED lights are better than the traditional electric bulbs and newly innovated CFL bulbs? If yes, then how. LED lights are far better than the two types of lightings mentioned in the previous sentence. First of all, the brightness of LED lightings is far better than any other lightings available in the contemporary world. If you switch on a LED light along with any other light and observe from a distance, then you could only recognize the LED one. The other one will just vanish in front of the LED one. Secondly, LED lights are thrifty in nature. They consume very meager amount of power to glow. If you compare the power consumption of a LED light to that of a traditional bulb, then you will find that the LED light is consuming less than 1/10th power of the traditional electric bulb.

The only lacuna of LED lights is the high cost of installation. LED lights come at a cost, which is considerably more than that of traditional bulbs and CFLs. However, if you take the cost of the electricity consumption into account, then you will find that LED lights are far more cost effective than any other kind of lights, available in today’s market. You will recover the extra money you have spent on buying LED lights from the reduced electricity bill, at the most within a year. Go for it.