What Is Leukopenia

A condition in which the count of white blood cells is extremely low is termed as Leukopenia. It is also called by other names like Leukocytopenia. The term exactly means deficiency of white. Low count of white corpuscles makes the body vulnerable to infections. A patient may suffer from thrombocytopenia and which can occur to Leukopenia patients also. This happens when there is drop in the amount of platelets in the blood. It does not necessarily happen that patient suffer from both ailments. The disease can be caused due to cancer treatment and related medications.

Mild cases of an attack of Leukopenia do not show any symptoms and therefore no treatment is possible in the early stages. The symptoms start appearing only when the case is severe. There are many symptoms that can confuse an ordinary patient. Anemia, headache, fever, mouth inflammation, are some of the symptoms. More severe indicators are irritability, thirst for hot drinks, liver abscess, pneumonia. Women suffer from longer periods with heavier discharge and they may also fee hot flashes.              

A diagnosis of Leukopenia is done by carrying out tests on the blood drawn from the patient’s body. The test is called CBC which means complete blood count. The test is done for the purpose of counting the number of white blood cells the blood carries. This is the only test that helps to determine the white corpuscles count. If it is confirmed that patient is suffering from Leukopenia treatment has to be started without any delay. It should be taken care to see that the patient remains immune to attacks from other forms of infections.

Initially the patient receives the treatment with medication of steroids and vitamins. This is done for stimulating the growth of bone marrow which is responsible for making the white blood cells. The treatment ensures that the count of white cells increase and reaches a satisfactory level. The patient receiving the treatment should be kept on an environment where he will be protected from attacks by other infections. This is very vital because the patient’s immunity level is very low on account of the deficiency in white blood cells.

The disease itself is not life threatening. However extreme care is required to ensure that the patient does not get any other infection because in such cases the combination of two diseases may turn out be fatal for the patient. Until the white blood cells are brought up to a satisfactory level the patient remains vulnerable to attacks by other diseases. Regular CBC test are required as a process of monitoring the person’s health. The body of the patient remains in a constant state of fatigue and is fragile.