What Is Libido

Sexual desire is natural incase of each and every animal. Human is no exception. Each and every human being possess a desire for sex. It is seen in case of both human males and females. The natural desire for sex in case of human beings is called as libido.

Hormones are responsible for the libido in case of animals. In case of the humans, sex hormones are responsible for the libido. In case of the males, testosterone produces the desire for sex or the libido. On the other hand, there are two sex hormones in case of the human females. Those are estrogen and progesterone. If a person is witnessing hormonal disturbances, then he or she either witness high libido or low libido. Both high and low libido is harmful for a person.

High Libido is really Harmful

High libido can make a person sex maniac. A sex maniac or sex addicts desires to make sex, every time. These persons couldn’t able to concentrate in any other work as they ever think about sex. Their high desire for sex may force them to indulge in sinful deeds to satisfy their carnal desire. There are treatments available for high libido; so a person experiencing high libido should go for the treatment without feeling shy.

Low Libido is also Harassing

A person suffering from low libido possesses no interest for sexual relationship. This is also not a healthy sign. Sex is a biological process and each and every person should go for sex. However, a person experiencing low libido couldn’t make him or her physically fit for the intercourse. A male suffering from low libido fails to erect his penis at the time of intercourse. On the other hand, no vaginal fluid comes out of the vagina of a female, who is suffering from low libido. Smooth intercourse is not possible in both of the cases. A loose penis couldn’t enter into the vaginal hole. At the same time, sexual intercourse is painful, when the vagina is dry. Sexual intercourse is not only required for pleasure or breeding but there are many medicinal effects of sexual intercourse. If a person is experiencing low libido, then he or she shouldn’t sit idle. In fact, he or she should go for treatment.

There can be emotional or physical reasons as well in which the interest for sex is lost. Like a thyroid patient will lose it. And in case of emotional reasons they will not feel that way for the partner due to some past experiences.

The Cure of Low Libido

 Most of the people think that there is no cure for the low libido, but that is not true. In fact, there is cure for low libido; so a person should not hesitate to recognize his or her problem and go ahead for the cure. Both herbal and chemical medicines are available to treat low libido. It is better to go for herbal medicines to cure low libido as there is no fear of side effects in case of the herbal medicines.