What Is Linux

Operating system is the link between user and the machine and Linux is one of the oldest operating system, which is based on the UNIX. Dennis Ritchie, while working on C++ programming language at Bell laboratory in 1969 developed Unix operating system. Unix can be described as the predecessor of every operating system and is responsible for the emergence of GUI based operating systems. Unix also paved the foundation for Mac OS and BSD. The dominance of graphical user interface in the 90s resulted in a more robust version of Unix which gave birth to Linux. Like UNIX, Linux is also open source and available free of cost.

Linux has a lot of advantage over other operating system. First of all, users have enormous choices such as Debian Linux, KDE, and LXDE. These three are different Linux kernels and used for different Linux operating systems. Secondly, just like its predecessor, Linux is high on security and doesn’t have windows like loop holes. The Linux experience is widely popular for its robust framework as it is devoid of spy-wares and viruses. The OS ask for administrator approval before making any major modifications in the system and this helps Linux to avoid malwares. Thus, this feature enhances Linux OS performance and some user rate it higher than Windows. Every operating system under Linux is revamped within a span of six to seven months.

Linux is highly recommended for programmers as most of the servers run on Linux or UNIX based OS. It offers C, C++ bundle and users don’t have to install external compilers. Linux also offers LAMP bundle package. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL. Configuring PHP on Apache web server on Windows has lot of issues but on Linux it is very simple.

Nevertheless, you cannot ignore the fact that Linux has cons as well. Every major software or application are not Linux compatible. Linux OS doesn’t allow manual installation of applications via .exe files. However, it does offer its own version of the software and offer support in the form of application center, which comes with every Linux OS. This can be described as a major drawback of Linux.

With time, Linux has evolved itself and at present it’s kernel runs on major digital machines or hardwares such as computer, tablets, routers, servers, supercomputers, and mobiles etc. Now, Linux operating system has achieved mainstream success with its desktop operating systems such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and LXDE. Popular smartphone operating system such as Google’s android is developed on Linux kernel. Yes, using some Linux operating system might be a bit daunting for some users. Linux operating system can be rightfully described as the OS, better than windows in terms of performance but lacks the flair of Mac OS.