What is Lockout Tagout



What is Lockout Tagout?

In all the manufacturing units where the energy is used, the safety measure is very necessary. The lock out tag out system will help the employer to protect the employees from the shock hazards of the machines and the equipments. The energy plan will vary from one industry to the other. The maintenance and the service of the equipments and the machines performing can be energy controlled according to the safety of the work place. These lock out or tag out devices is mainly fixed to the devices which will isolate the energy from the equipments. The employees need to be educated about the device which is mainly used for the isolating the energy in the emergency times.

If the employee is working in the machine then the machine will spring up to life then the person inside the machine is in great danger. His life is in problem. This is the time where the lock out tag out will come into picture. This lock out tag out device will not allow the energy to spring up and the worker will not at all be in danger if this is used in the circuit. This will disable the equipment from the accidental start- ups. There is a rule also for the industries to use this compulsorily. But the main function of the lock out tag out is to prevent the life of the workers.

The authorized person will place the locks and tags near the energy isolating devices. They will be fully responsible for them. No one will have the authority to remove it or dismantle it. The lock out is to hold the isolating device in the off position. The tag out tell the other employees to not meddle with the isolating device. The employees will be educated not to touch the lock out and tag out devices. As it will depend on the life of the person who will repair the equipments the rules is followed very strictly. The factories have always works of servicing or the repair of the equipments. In such conditions this lock out tag out is always necessary. The applying of the lock out before the service and after the service removing them is systematically followed to safe guard the employees.

The person who is applying the lock out tag out should inform the workers around that area so that there will be no mistakes. If there s a small mistake also there will be a great hazard. The workers have to be displaced to a distance to avoid any problems. The authorized person should put and remove them. No other person should perform the operation in behalf of the authorized person.