What is Lornoxicam

Lornoxicam is a medication that is use to prevent the pain that is caused by inflammation like which is seen with arthritis and gout. It is also known as tenoxicam. Lornoxicam is available in the form of tablets or in the form of solution that can be administered in the body through injection. This medication is a part of anti-inflammatory drug and it belongs to the family of oxcams that works in the similar manner. This drug acts as an antipyretic which lower fever. It does not lower the body temperature if fever is not present. The side-effects of this drug are vomiting, diarrhea and suppressed production of compounds that body uses to protect the lining of stomach and the gout. Gastrointestinal bleeding and headache are also side-effects of Lornoxicam. Lornoxicam can cause bad effects on fetus so pregnant woman should not take this medication without consulting with doctor.

The patients that are sensitive to anti-inflammatory drugs may experience severe side-effects through it. In that case the doctor may suggest low dose, check for reactions and increase the dosage if the patient appears to respond well to the drug. This drug is also used for:-

Inflammatory disease of the joints. Osteoarthritis. Pain after surgery. Pain in the lower back and hip which travels down the back of the thigh into the leg.

Some other side-effects of Lornoxicam are heart palpitations, dyspepsia, shivering, unusual sweating, diminution in white blood cells, disorders of the taste buds, and reduction of the platelets in the plasma.

The drug usually reacts severely with blood thinners, diuretics, oral anti-diabetics, lithium. So, if any patient is using these medications then it is better to seek advice from with doctor before using Lornoxicam.

This drug is available by prescription only, as it is significant to get the dosage correct. Some patients can’t use Lornoxicam safely and need to take other medications to manage pain and inflammation. There may be a safer and more apposite medication the patient could use.

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