What is Low Blood Pressure

A blood force pushing towards the arteries walls is called as the Blood pressure. In case If the heart pumping force is lower than the normal it is known to be the symptoms of low blood pressure.m A Low blood pressure is medically defined as Hypotension.

A simple blood pressure test can reveal whether it is normal, high or low blood pressure. In case the reading is below 90/60, it is said to be a Hypotension.

Generally, people having lower blood pressure are at reduced threat of getting inflicted with kidney or a heart disease. It is for this reason low blood pressure is considered a safe sign of fitness and good health when compared to high blood pressure. However, many medical experts are of the opinion that hypotension besides causing fainting or dizziness can also cause serious brain or endocrine disorders.


Causes of Low Blood Pressure

  • Pregnancy: It offers a good chance for frequent dropping of blood pressure level. Since a pregnant woman is at a higher risk of low blood pressure, it is necessary to take a proper treatment in time to avoid facing severe medical problems later on, especially affect the child.


  • Anemia:  People suffering from Anemia or low blood count are also considered to be more prone to Hypotension.


  • Dehydration: Frequent attacks of dehydration can also cause hypotension. People who are aware of getting dehydrated more frequently must take extra care to consume more healthy fluids than normal.


  • Heart Diseases: A person inflicted with minor or major heart problems is also at a higher risk of low blood pressure for the want of improper circulation flow of blood in the body.


  • Improper diet: Many people lack essential vitamins that can lead to anemic attacks and ultimately low blood pressure too.


Home remedies for low blood pressure:

You can increase salt intake in your food and drinks to balance low blood pressure. However, it is also necessary to take a proper medical advice before adding extra salt in your diet.

  • A good water intake helps to prevent dehydration which is one of the causes of low blood pressure. Water is considered to be one of the safest means in preventing several symptoms of hypotension.
  • A regular intake of raw beetroot juice also helps to prevent anemia attack thereby preventing low blood pressure too.
  • A cup of black coffee or almonds mixed in lukewarm milk serves as a best source to balance the blood pressure level.
  • Regular exercise helps to circulate blood effectively in the body. A Daily Exercise routine can help a person to remain healthy and active for years together.

A low blood pressure is known to deprive some of the most important organs of a human body including brain with proper nutrients and oxygen. This can ultimately also lead to life threatening conditions like shocks or sudden death too. Thus it becomes very importanct for a person suffering from low blood pressure to take a proper medical advice and treatment in time.