What Is Low Self-Esteem

Self low esteem is a phenomenon where people lack confidence and there is a hidden fear within them for the purpose of accomplishing any task in a successful manner.

Low self esteem is a situation which relates to lack of self confidence in a person. A person is occupied by negative vibes and constantly only focuses upon the past failure. No doubt there is the potential within the person to carry out obligations, but at the same time the person is very low on confidence which makes things complicated for the person himself. Moreover, the same term can be regarded as mental illness where a person is mentally sick and all of his thoughts have too much of negative vibes which relate to failure in carrying out an obligation successfully.

There are certain characteristics that shown the signs of low self esteem, the most prominent being the negative self belief. The negative self belief is a situation where a person talks all negative traits about himself which not only counter attacks his self belief but also his confidence which gradually leads to the sad situation. The effect of low self esteem is not only affecting the person himself but also others who are very close to the person suffering from such. Most of times, the reason behind break up from a flourishing relation is low self esteem. The effect of self low esteem mainly takes place during the growth of a person, that is, in his or her early ages when the child is developing. Here the person might be affected from any kind of unpleasant experience which may be in form of mental or physical discomfort. The incident keeps on haunting the person which acts as the main source of depression for a person and when the same incident keeps on occurring over and over, low self esteem is eventually born.

The need for having a peer group and family that is supportive is very curtail in such situation as it helps a person to overcome the situation and gain self confidence. There are various symptoms of low self esteem:

  • Lack of eating habits
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Lack of communications
  • Too silent
  • Absent minded

The same condition can be categorized into further sub classes inform of healthy low self esteem and healthy self esteem. The former is a case where the case in its initial stages and does not affects the person much whereas on the other hand, the later is in case of hyper stages where the signs are clearly visible and immediate concern is required in such.