What is Lye Soap

The lye soap is an ancient mechanism which has been prevailing over the years for the purpose of keeping the people and their clothes in a clean and appraisable manner.

Lye soap represents one of the oldest forms of soaps which was created by the human civilization and continues to persist even today. People say old is gold and the same proverb holds to be true as till date there are millions all around the world who love this soap and would like to have it as a part of their consumption chart.

However there is a huge difference between the past and the present. The past was all about three basic elements which were in form of lye, lard and all hard work. The lye was converted into the required form by way of converting the ashes that was left from the wooden stove. The other element, that is, the lard was obtained from the hog killing. Once both the ingredients, the most difficult task in form of mixing the both elements comes into the picture where proportion is a vital factor. Since lye is caustic in nature, a little extra inclusion of lye can lead to disastrous results in form of skin burns.

The present era though is a much modified version which includes various brands and companies which sell lye soap worldwide from their outlets either in form of physical or over the internet via orders placed by the customers.  There is often a preference of the customers with the lye soap as they are very good in use and along with the modern day companies, the mixing ratio of the lye and the lard is also balanced which provides the best results to the customers and a relief from the fear of skin burns.

With modifications has come addition of other elements in form of perfumes and fragrances which varies from implementation of natural oils of jojoba or aloe or even coconut which enhances the pleasure of the product. Added to it, there is also remedial side of the lye soap as it is very useful in cases where irritation and itching sensation is acquired by way of any insect bites. However, there are many people around the world who prefer to prepare their own lye soap in the same ancient manner as they believe that the essence and pleasure of a homemade lye soap is totally different and the best part is when a product it made from one’s own effort and hard work, the product seems to be more delightful and fruitful.

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