What is Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is well-known bacterial disease spread by small mark (tick). This disease was initially identified in 1975, though it took lots of researchers and investigations. The reason behind lots of research is ample of children were being spotted with Lyme disease.

The researchers noticed that children living next to the woody areas are affected with ticks on the skin. Summer is the era when most of the broods are infected with Lyme disease. However, numerous patients have reported the strange skin rash prior to development of arthritis signs. Additional inquiries in the discovery resulted from that small ticks affected with a curved shape bacterium were liable for Lyme infection.

The list of infected people of Lyme disease is increasing regularly throughout the world. Many developed nations are also facing the difficulty with Lyme disease, although maximum cases are registered in the coastal northeast, Wisconsin, Mid-Atlantic States, northern California and Minnesota. This infection is found in huge province of Europe and Asia as well. However, the latest data presented by many health organizations express that South America is also affected with this disease. Lyme disease can be the cause for brain, heart and nerve difficulties too.

Lyme disease spreads from the bite of precise type of tick. Some animals that frequently transmit Lyme insects are mice, raccoons, deer, opossums, weasels, skunks, foxes, moles, shrews, chipmunks, horses and squirrels. Mostly ticks have been originated in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey and New York.

Indications of Lyme disease: in the starting face of Lyme disease patients will feel flu type of symptoms, which contain swollen lymph nodes, chills, stiff neck, fever, fatigue, headaches, joint pain and muscle aches. Patient might experience big, increasing red-colored skin rashes around the part of the mark. Some other infections are nerve problems and pain in joints, which can occur because of Lyme disease.

Neurological indications: this virus can also contaminate the nervous system of the body which can wreak stiff neck problem and serious headache. More delicate changes that patient might feel are memory loss, concentration difficulty, and changing moods.

Heart problems: some cases being reported of the heart problem because of Lyme disease. The effect on heart could be like an irregular or slow heartbeat that can affect the suffering person with dizziness or conciseness of breathing.

Lyme disease emulates a diversity of sicknesses, and its harshness can differ from person to person. Patient who have been affected with tick and staying in location recognized for Lyme disease, then a person should visit the doctor on priority. The illness can turn into serious trouble if the drug is not taken on proper time. Lyme disease is dangerous, and it should be treated on priority.