What is Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a treatment which is very holistic in which only body but mind, spirit is also healed because they together form a healthy person. In this patients are encouraged to heal their body, mind and spirit. It can be done by yoga, massage, meditation, acupuncture, and homeopathy. In this mind and body are entertained.

Lymphatic Drainage makes our Lymphatic system healthy. Lymphatic system is an interconnected system which includes vessels, nodes, lymph and it is responsible for cycling fluid though the body to transport nutrients and remove infectious materials. Lymph contains white blood cells, proteins and some red blood cells.

Like blood, lymph also circulates in our body but it contains a hazardous substance that protects lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are although small but they form basis to increase the immunity of our body. Formation of white blood cells is very necessary because these cells help us to fight with disease. In some person lymph nodes swallow during illness. Swallow lymph nodes can even escort to cancer.

Lymph is present all over in our body like in muscles, organs but unlike blood they flow in one direction only. Blood has a central pump called heart which purifies it and circulates it in the body but lymph does not have central pump. It originates through muscle contractions and other natural functions of the body and finally it deplete into thoracic duct. Thoracic duct is a vessel which collects lymph from diaphragm and upper left side of the body. Diaphragm is a layer of muscle that is present across the bottom of the rib cage and finally thoracic duct brings the lymph back to the heart.

Lymph generates cells that increase the immunity and it trap those substances that are dangerous for our body. In lymphatic drainage a manual massage is performed by a therapist and it focus on lymph nodes and proper flow of lymph in our body. This massage also prevent blockage and help in proper functioning of circulatory, respiratory, muscular system of our body.

If there is any problem with our lymphatic system than a condition called lymphedema occurs in which lymph get collecting in the limbs because lymph is not circulating in that condition. In this condition a fluid is build up in our legs and arms and this result into not only pain but also infection and it requires immediate medical treatment.Lymphedema is further of two types-primary and secondary .Primary  lymphedema is inherited and secondary lymphedema is caused by trauma or injury to the lymph system by accident or any other cause.

For treating lymphdema training is given to the therapists so that they can increase the flow of lymph in the body. Skin of the patients is also affected because of lymphedema. So if there is any cut on the skin then they have to be very careful about it. Regular cleaning and moisturizing is recommended.

For protecting our lymphatic system in addition to these therapies we should avoid wearing tight undergarments, it will also prove very helpful. Regular exercise and proper diet should be taken.

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