What is Lymphatic Massage

The immune system of our body is conscientious for fighting with diseases. In order to keep our body disease free this system must be strong and lymph is an important part of immune system health. It is a fluid which flows throughout our body and remove fat, bacteria’s and other unwanted materials from our body. Lymphatic massage is performed to prop up the healthy flow of lymph.

The massage is performed in a temperate manner and even if there is any blockage in our lymphatic system it can be cured through it. The proper precautions need to be adopted while performing this massage as it work around the lymphatic system and can make conditions shoddier.

In lymph massage, if there is any blockage in the lymphatic system can be healed. It will not only allow the lymph fluid to flow without stinting across the body but other fluids that pull toxins out of our body can also move freely.

Some doctors suggest that before performing any surgery lymphatic massage should be performed because it will clear the blockage in our lymphatic system and help in plummeting swelling after surgery. Breast massage is suggested to pregnant women to relieve them from pain occurring due to changes in breast tissue during pregnancy.

In following conditions the breast massage is prohibited:-

If any person is suffering from infection because this massage will encourage the spread of infection. People with tumors and lumps should not have it. People suffering from clotting issues and heart problems.

It is vital to drink lots of water after a lymphatic massage to flush away toxins that have been released. This massage also has positive effects on the skin, to produce energy, and to help with respiratory problems.

This massage can be performed by remaining the patient clothed or naked it depends up on the comfort level of patient. If there is pain during massage therapy then patient should always communicate with practitioner because swollen lymph nodes is a serious health condition and it requires medical treatment not massage.

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