What is Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a cancer of lymphatic system. It begins in the immune system called as lymphocytes. When lymphocytes are in a state of uncontrolled cells, lymphoma occurs. The lymphocytes carry lymph fluid and white blood cells in the entire body. The purpose of lymphocytes is to fight with the infections. The lymphatic system also comprises of lymph nodes that are used to filter the lymph fluid that flows in the lymphatic system. Lymphoma occurs when our body starts making tumors just like any other kind of cancer. These tumors can be felt as lumps which are often painless anywhere in the body.

Lymphomas are made up of white blood cells that are of two types: T cells and B cells. These are made up of either one of them. B cells produce antibodies which alert other cells of the immune system to fight with the infections or intruders which are called as pathogens. T cells directly kill pathogens. Lymphoma is a group of cancers. It includes around 30 different types of cancers which are divided into two categories: Hodgkin disease and non Hodgkin disease. These both types have same symptoms but they behave differently when a person gets affected. Lymphoma can be caused due to some other reason too like:

  • If you have a family history of this disease, then you are at a higher risk of being affected by this disease as compared to the people who do not have such family history.
  • If someone is infected with the viral infections like hepatitis C and barr virus, he is more prone to this disease too.
  • If an individual is already suffering from the diseases like AIDS, HIV or other types of cancers which have weaken his immune system, then also he is at the risk of being affected by lymphoma.

Lymphoma can be diagnosed through the lumps it develops in the organs of the body. It can develop lumps in neck, armpit, abdomen and groin area. Other parts of the body can also get affected. But these are the most common parts where lumps can be found. If you find any lump in any part of the body then you must visit the doctor as soon as possible. You should not be careless in such situation as this is a very serious and life threatening disease.

This has to be diagnosed at an earlier stage to get a cured. It can be treated like any other kind of cancer using the methods of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy, hormonal therapy etc. It can have many side effects like anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, exhaustion and pain etc. The patient should meditate and should follow yoga, massage and aromatherapy to reduce such affects. These kind of therapies are very useful in reducing the pain and the discomfort that is being caused to the patient because of this intensive treatment.