What is Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a disorder of retina in which the person loses his central vision due to which he has to face problems in reading, writing, identifying and driving. Though he does not becomes totally blind as he can see from the sides of eye yet it can be said that he loses main vision.

Macular degeneration is the disorder of retina which is located in the eye of humans. In this disorder, retina of a person degrades due to which central vision decreases which doesn’t allows the person to recognize faces clearly, read, write and some other activities like threading a needle. Retina is responsible for sharp, central and straight ahead vision which is required very much for performing many activities that also includes driving a car and reading books or texts. Macular degeneration is classified into two types, namely, dry macular degeneration and wet macular degeneration.

As these disorders have certain symptoms, there are symptoms of macular degeneration too. While seeing anything, the affected person will notice blind spots. Person thinks that it is natural but actually it happens due to this disorder. Whenever the patient sees any straight line, it appears bent or irregular. Similarly, patterns made by different colors may also appear different to the patient. Objects may look irregular because the patient notices small and large size of the same objects by two eyes. This means that one eye notices that the objects are smaller or larger than the actual size. Decreased overall central vision and blurred vision is also a symptom of macular degeneration.

If you are thinking what the causes of macular degeneration are, the answer is that there are many causes which can result in this disorder and the important ones are listed here. Age is the biggest cause of this disorder because as the age passes by, vision of humans degrade. Race and caste can be a cause as it is recorded that whites are affected more by this disorder. Smoking also causes macular degeneration as it degrades the vision. Exposure to sunlight and medications is the reasons behind macular degeneration too. Family history is one of the biggest causes of this eye disorder. This means that if many members of your family have suffered from this disorder then you have greater chances to suffer from this disorder.

If you want to avoid or prevent this disorder then you should take precautions from before. As this problem generally affects after 55 years of age, one should take an examination for this disorder at the age or 45. If it is detected in the examination that you may face some vision problems in future, you should seek for the treatment process as soon as possible and go for the treatment. You should not ignore the report of examination if is detected that you may face some problems.

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