What is Mad Cow Disease

Mad cow disease is well-known lethal illness, which gradually damages the spinal cord and brain in domestic animals. This disease is having another name as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). However, this disease is not going to affect people, though people can get affected with similar type of mad cow disease known as variant vCJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease).

Mad cow disease is lethal brain infection that distress domestic animal and perhaps few other animals like sheep and goats. The major reason behind its name is this disease affects a nervous system of cow and because of such infection cow behaves odd by losing control of its capacity and do usual things like walking. Mad cow disease news is everywhere these days as people are scared of the infection.

If we talk about the infection in people, there are no chances of such infection in people, but vCJD is the disease which is almost similar in symptoms, and people get affected with such disease. Though, medical professional has originated a link among BSE and uncommon brain form that affects people such as vCJD. Experts consider that people who eat beef of BSE infected cows are on higher risk of creating vCJD infection.

VCJ disease is occurring by an irregular sort of protein in the brain known as prion. A person who is affected with vCJD will get several brain problems like the cells of the brain will die until the brain ultimately has a sponge-like role. People slowly start losing control of their psychological and substantial abilities.

As per data, only few people are spotted with vCJ disease. In 2009, merely 217 cases were recorded with this disease, and this data is assembled from around the world. In 217 cases most of the patients were from Britain. Few of them were diagnosed from United States and few from other nations. Specialist considers that people who are affected with vCJD after intake of beef items are majorly affected with vCJ disease.

As vCJD is comparatively new and very uncommon, medical professional people are yet investigating about the disease. Though, they think that vCJD is not transmitting disease amongst people. Accordingly, people cannot get affected with vCJ disease from other infected people. Presently, the expressed statements state that the infection can only be occurred if the infected beef of cow is taken.

Scientists don’t know about the accurate duration to find the treatment for vCJD. Though, the regular investigation and their efforts expresses that they will get the result sooner. If the symptoms of the disease are identified, then the treatment can be followed to protect the brain from any type of damage. Experts are continuously trying with diverse methods to get the results for mad cow disease in additional to vCJD infection.