What Is Malnutrition

Improper functioning of human body due to lack of adequate amount of nutrients in daily regime leads to a condition known as malnutrition. Malnutrition is a common cause of death in many developing countries. Our body needs a perfect blend of nutrients to thrive and absence of one or two nutrients can lead to malnutrition. Malnutrition can be distinguished as severe, mild, and life threating. Malnutrition is a global problem and United Nations is still fighting for eradicate the problem in malnutrition affected areas, especially in Africa.

Malnutrition ca be caused because of Starvation, improper digestion, and stomach infection are chief causes of malnutrition. Starvation is the fundamental cause of malnutrition. Absence of any specific nutrients leads to nutrient deficiency, which results in malnutrition of a specific kind such as Vitamin deficiency leads Vitamin malnutrition.

There are social, economic, political and geographical causes of malnutrition such as natural disaster, poverty, war, political issues, and any kind of epidemic. Malnutrition is not a disorder or disease, it is a condition which is generally caused by certain inhuman activities. Many native African district are suffering from malnutrition from centuries. Children are major victims of malnutrition as malnutrition slows their physical development and it is the cause of the death of 70% children in native Africa.

Now the question comes in mind is that is malnutrition life threatening? Yes, severe malnutrition is life threating and leads to improper body functioning or permanent damage of organs. If a malnutrition victim faints or loses good amount of body weight then he or she must be rushed to the hospital. In children, absence of full body development is a sign of severe malnutrition.  

Fatigue, drastic lose in weight, and dizziness are common symptoms of malnutrition. Basically, malnutrition is very much visible from an affected person’s body weight. There is no particular diagnosis of severe malnutrition as one can depict malnutrition from victim’s face and physical condition. However, blood test is the only test to verify the existence of mild malnutrition.

If a victim is not treated then he or she can develop permanent physical or mental disability and in severe cases, malnutrition victims don’t live more than a week or month. However, mild malnutrition can be treated with diet replacement but recovery takes time. The treatment of malnutrition varies with the cause. If starvation is the cause then diet replacement is the ideal treatment. The diet must cover the deficient nutrient. If any medical condition is the cause then that medical condition must be treated  first. Healthy diet and good food can easily avoid malnutrition. If any medical condition is the cause of malnutrition then that medical condition must be prevented to avoid malnutrition.