What is Malware

A Malware is malicious (with harmful intent) software or a program (which can be any code, scripts etc…). A Malware can result in leaking the information of the user’s system or can track each and every activity which is being performed on the web browser or can redirect the control to some unadvisable web sites. These are usually poorly programmed and can cause the user’s computer to respond really slowly as compared to its actual speed.

Malwares do reinstall themselves even though the user thinks that he or she has uninstalled it but they hide themselves and reinstall.

There are many types of Malware which are as follows:

Virus – It is a self- replicating program attached with the other applications. It keeps on multiplying itself when entered into a computer system.

Worms – is also a self- replicating program but it is at network level. It multiplies itself at network level only.

Spyware – It is attached with software and runs in background and damages the system. Spywares sends information of the user’s computer system to somebody else. This information can be the record of websites the user has visited or can be the forms which the user has filled online (forms can include the details of personal bank accounts, credit card numbers or passwords of personal mails which can cause a huge loss or can result in a great damage to the user).

Adware – These are the advertisement software’s (packages) that interrupt the users when accessing the internet. Adware’s appears in the form of Pop- Ups and represents themselves in such a manner that the user likes to click the pop- ups and is redirected to other websites. Most of the adware’s on the internet are dishonest adware. These pop- ups are generally not stopped by the pop- up stoppers and are not always dependent on the browser. They can appear even when the user is playing a game or writing any text document on his or her system even though the browser was not opened.

Trojan horse – These are basically classified into two categories. These categories are:

Overt program – In this legitimate communication is there. Example is Chess.exe Covert program – These programs violates the security policies. Example is Keylogger.exe

Types of Trojan horse include:

Remote Access Trojan Data Sending Trojan Destructive Trojan Proxy Trojan FTP Trojan Security Software disables Trojan

Crime ware – are the software’s that try to breach the user’s identity and misuse the identity for finances and thus resulting in a crime.

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