What is Managed Care

Managed care is a big craze among the folk of the United States.  It refers to the services, where an insurance organization intervenes with the medical or health care centers. The main objective of managed care services is that is helps patients or clients give the health care services at the low cost, better quality, and improved accessibility to the heath care services.  However, all the services come up with the fixed payment.

The services involves the paying to the physicians, optimum amount for each patients, no matter how much the cost of caring would be.  The managed care services are linked to certain insurance companies.  The organization catering the services of the managed care also takes care of arrangements like the purchasing of medical aids at the lesser cost, and ensures the better health care at the low cost.  The managed care services also takes care of the other services and patch with other organizations, for instance health maintenance organization, physician/hospital associations, and many of the exclusive services.

Why do you need the managed care services?

Managed care is supplemented with variety of aids.  They ensure the cheap medicines and reduce the clinical practice patterns.  However, this does not mean that you will not get a quality medication rather they are responsible for better test and results.  Even if the patients are in the cash crunch, they manage the entire capitation, including the paying off the fees of doctors, and try to build up the good familiarity with doctors and patients.

Although, there are certain crooks in the field of managed care services. The can arrange and talk to the doctors in the advance and in return gets lesser care.  For instance, your agent pays lesser financial rewards to your doctors, which in turn can compel your doctor to be a little negligible towards the patient. However, there are few chronic diseases that are not covered by the such health insurances. The same is also an expert in offering the services like taking care of the patients in the emergency needs, drug coverage services.

The plans offered by the managed care services

There are three basic plans under the managed care services


The health maintenance organization is a basic and inexpensive.  This is also known as a starter plans.  The medical facility provided under this plan is basic where you can consult the physician for the primary check-ups.  Many of the business organization avails this service to their employers.  Moreover, the members are restricted to choose the doctors in their own health plan.


The pos plan is also known as the point of service plan.  This plan of managed care services are greater bandwidth in comparison to the earlier one. Here the patients are allow to choose the doctors outside the plan network.


PPO is also famous with the name of preferred provider organization.  Even here, patients can choose the doctors both inside and outside the plan network. However, go for outside the plan network you might have to few extra bucks.