What Is Marijuana

Marijuana is plant which is known worldwide as the Cannabis plant. This plant is mainly used as a drug and also for medical purposes. The plant is grown worldwide and the hemp fabric is made using the fibers form Marijuana. The marijuana plant is a very adaptable plant that can adjust to different climatic conditions. The only requisite is that provision of light and is also grown indoors.  The plant had its origination in Central Asia, in regions of Tibet. This plant is in records right from 10000B.C. This plant has gained most of its fame as a psychoactive drug.

Marijuana as a drug is legal in use in many countries and illegal in others. It is called by many names such as Ganga, weed, grass etc. The prices for this psychoactive drug is very expensive in a few countries, reason being marijuana in these countries are illegal. In other countries like Russia, Mexico and Canada, though the use of this psychoactive drug is illegal but the laws are not so strict. In these places, the drug is less expensive and widely used.

Marijuana when smoked first hits the brain to give a ‘High’ feeling to the person. Once the marijuana is smoked, a sense of pleasure and elation is felt in the brain for 2-5minutes. This effect can vary depending upon the amount of dosage smoked by the person. Going high on marijuana changes the entire interpretation of the visual and the audio experiences. This experience is enjoyed by many and is used as an anti depressant drug. It also acts as a great pain killer from body pains to mental pains.

A person smoking the psychoactive drug could get a good high or a bad high. In the good high, the smoker would feel the pleasure and elated feeling. In the bad high, the smoker could face paranoia or his inner subconscious feeling could come out causing more depression. The motor co-ordination of the body reduces after smoking this drug. Hence, it is not advised to drive a vehicle after smoking marijuana as it could lead to accidents.

Apart from the use of marijuana as a psychoactive drug, it also has widely used applications as a medicinal drug. Marijuana helps in increasing hunger in the treatment of chemotherapy and also acts as a effective pain reliever. Marijuana hence is sold in the medical shops as the prescribed drugs for medical purposes.

Marijuana plant is thus widely used as a medicinal drug and also as a psychoactive drug. It should be remembered that the elated state that one gets after smoking marijuana is a temporary state and not permanent.