What Is Materialism

Materialism is a term that is commonly used to refer to the condition of putting material possession first. It can be explained as a strong need of acquiring wealth. Materialistic individuals; are those that present a strong effort in the acquisition of assets as a determinant of their personal identity, while the non-materialistic; individuals are those that do not put ownership of materials key to their life or rather do not describe their identity by acquisition of property. Materialistic individuals usually put the acquisition of assets before other things like their spiritual needs and relationship. As much as materialism can impact positively to the country’s economy, it can also generate substantial damages to the nation.

Materialism has got so many advantages with it. In terms of capitalism, materialism ensures that individuals are able acquire items which will result to life becoming easier and more enjoyable. This will result to boosting the country’s economy and strengthen the practice of free enterprise. Marketing and sales campaigns are generally associated with materialism in that; it is used to market products and services to consumers by alleging that, whoever posses those goods or services has a certain level of status.

Materialism derives its foundation in providing continual satisfaction to consumers. This complacency can either be long term or short term to the materialistic individuals. Long term satisfaction involves those goods or services that will last for a long time like a vehicle. Short term satisfaction involves goods or services that will last for a shorter period. For example, a handset is something that will be replaced by a new and more attractive generation of the handset in less than a year.

Materialism is of beneficial to the economy in that it creates a favorable environment for business. The desire for consumers to acquire new products causes the developers to continuously produce high quality products in order to compete with rival products. Competition from many companies is fortunate to the consumer since they have a wide range of options to choose from. This creates a tendency for individuals and companies to do business and make financial security.

Lastly, as much as materialism may be exceptionally beneficial to the economy of a nation it also has some shortcomings in that; when individuals focus more on materialism they will neglect other aspects of their life like spiritualism and relationship. This will result in individuals who are over concerned with possession of wealth, pushing away their loved ones or even missing out the opportunity to interact with others in the community. Nevertheless, setbacks of materialism can be overcome. This can be done by; counseling those who are possessed with materialism and return possession of assets to a more effective way.