What is Medicaid

Good health, though necessary to everyone, is not in the fortune of everybody. But Medicaid proves it false by helping the unfortunate ones also. Medicaid is a health program initiated by the government of United States, which is specially designed for those with lower income or unaffordable state to medical expenses. The program is well under the management of the U.S department of health care and human services which monitors the effective working of the program to reach the targeted people. Medicaid is a mean-tested program which determines the individuals and families who are actually eligible to get such aid from the government.

Medicaid does not offer service to all the poor people in the country. Though targeted to low income group of people there are set eligibility criteria based on citizenship, pregnancy, disability and age which determines the beneficiaries of this program. The eligibility is decided and is different for each state. Broadly, the eligible people could be any of the following.

  • Pregnant women whose family income is less than 133% of the Federal poverty Level (FPL).
  • People with disabilities especially if they are covered under Supplementary Security Income benefits. The financial assets may sometimes be a deciding factor inspite of disabilities.
  • A child who is a permanent resident or US citizen is covered under Medicaid though the parents may not actually be permanent residents. The child’s individual status is considered and not the parents’.
  • Children under 19 years living with families whose income is at or below the Federal poverty Line.
  • Selective medical beneficiaries.
  • Disabled families with income less than 250% of FPL.
  • Certain individuals with reported disease of Tuberculosis.
  • Women with low income who is been detected of breast cancer.
  • Mandatory or optional groups of people as determined by the state for receiving medical services.
  • Institutionalized individuals with low income.

Now let’s look at the interesting side of the program as to what kind of services is been offered to needy and poor who are covered under the eligibility criteria.

  • Hospital services for both inpatients and outpatients.
  • Pre and post maternity care
  • Immunization schedule of children.
  • Services of trained and experienced physicians.
  • Facilities of skilled nursing
  • Rural health hospital services
  • X-ray facilities and laboratory services.
  • Health care services at home for eligible persons.
  • health care services for children.
  • Mid-wife nurse services.
  • Optional services as decided by each state could include transportation service, prescribed drugs, eye care service, diagnostic service and also rehabilitation service.

 It is a noticeable fact that this program has covered almost one-third of children and almost 60% of low income children who become beneficiaries of all the related above mentioned services. Thus Medicaid serves as a health insurance helping out many people who are unable to afford even their basic medical needs.