What Is Medicare Part B

It is necessary to consider several parts while making health care insurance choices. If one desires to choose the best possible plan than it is necessary to understand the basic functioning of Medicare. An essential part of the Medicare program is referred to as Part B. Medically essential services including home health services, associated medical services, durable medical equipment and outpatient care are all covered by Medicare Part B. It is possible to finance Medicare Part B through monthly premiums. The monthly premiums are taken care of by significant contributions from the federal government.

Individuals who can avail the Facility of Medicare Part B
One can easily avail the facility of Part B if in the case one gains benefit from the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). One can easily gain the facility from the starting day one attains the age of sixty-five. If the birthday of a concerned individual is on the first day of a specific month then one can expect Part B to start from the first day of the previous month as well. Individuals who are under the age of sixty-five and having a certain disability can also avail the facility of Part b as well. One can always the Medicare card to be mailed before three months prior the 25th month of disability as well.

Time when one can Sign Up For Medicare Part B
If in the case one did not signup for Part B initially, then one can always sign up during the below mentioned times.

  • General Enrollment Period
  • Special Enrollment Period
  • Enrollment Period for International Volunteers

Proposed Cost to Beneficiaries
Medicare Part B available in three standard types of premiums levels for all individuals. The standard premium level associated with Medicare Part B insurance scheme include $115.40 for individuals who hope to be effective in 2011, $110.50 for individuals during 2010 and $96.40 for individuals who hope to become effective prior January 1, 2010.

Services Covered by Medicare Part B
Part B covers preventive medical services as well. Medicare Part B covers as much as eighty percent of all medical benefits. A few of the services covered by Medicare Part B are as follows:

  • EKG Screening
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Foot Exams and Treatments
  • Kidney Disease Education Services

Apart from the above-mentioned services, some of the other services covered by Medicare Part B include Smoking Cessation, Tele health, transplants and Immunosuppressive drugs and rural health clinic services as well. Most dentures and dental care, hearing aid and fittings, cosmetic surgery, over-the-counter drugs and chiropractic services are excluded from the insurance facility of Medicare Part B coverage. The monthly cost for 2009 part B is close to 96.40 dollars. The amount automatically is deducted from the regular Social Security Insurance benefit. Medicare Part B offers immense benefits to every class of people.