What Is Menarche

The initiation of menstrual cycle is an important phase in the onset of puberty. It is also recognized as the transition of woman as she becomes fertile. This start is known as menarche. When a woman experience menstrual bleeding for the first time then it is biological termed as menarche. The actual age of menarche has become a debate as it is notoriously variable. However, girls between the age 9-15 will definitely have their first menstrual cycle.

Signs of Menarche

Menarche brings a lot of change in a girl. First of all, it is the time where a girl starts having period. It is the sign of further growth and the girl’s biological system is changing. Development of breasts, broadening of hips, and introduction of underarm and pubic hair are the signs of menarche and further growth of a girl into a woman. Fertility is the major change that a girl undergoes, which means that a girl can have conception and will get pregnant if she has an intercourse.

Importance of Menarche

Menarche is a fundamental phase in the growth of a woman. It ensures physical growth of  a woman in terms of breast development and broadening of hips. These two transition ensures that a women is ready for pregnancy. Menarche holds a lot of importance in rural India were child marriage still exist. Menarche gives the signs for the physical growth of a women and then the family are assured that the girl is physically ready for marriage. Initiation of period and first bleeding gives the evidence that female reproductive system is active and soon the girl will have the monthly period which is significant for pregnancy. 

Factors affecting menarche

There are no factors or reasons which is responsible for the menarche. It is inevitable and will happen anytime between the age between 9 to 15. The emergence of menarche is influenced by factors such as physical condition of the girl, environment, and psychology. A girl has to be physically fit otherwise her body will not be able to have menarche. Hormonal activity is another factor which is very crucial for the occurrence of menarche. Hormones the growth hormone and FSH hormone are responsible for menarche. Apart from hormonal activity another factors such as fitness plays is imperative for earlier menarche. If a girl is physically weak or has a disease then her medication can have an adverse affect on menarche.

Hence, menarche is very important for a girl as it is the physical change which makes her a woman. Menarche also has psychological affects as woman begin to understand their body and realize that they are ready for pregnancy or not. The first menstrual is crucial as it is the sign of puberty.

Menarche is as important as menstrual cycle and it is the onset of puberty and onset of period. It beings the change which guides a girl to become a woman. Many factors influence the occurrence of menarche such as hormonal activity, physical condition and genetic.